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FRP Doors (Waterproof)

KALPATARU introduces 100% waterproof and stylish doors for your bathrooms and terrace.

Our FRP doors are coated with general polyester resin and fiberglass matt which makes them absolutely waterproof. They are durable, maintenance-free, pest proof, 100% waterproof, eco-friendly and self-pigmented.

FRP doors offer absolute freedom from door jamming, repainting and decay during rainy season. Hence they serve as a perfect solution for bathroom and terrace as against traditional doors.

Proprietary box-construction enables the making of doors in exact sizes, thus, promising complete edge sealing.

Further, they are specially designed to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home and office. Their availability in solid color paints like off-white, ivory, grey, chocolate brown etc. or wood grain textures make them suitable for every interior. They can also be painted to suite your décor.

For the supply of bulk quantity, we can provide a shade of your choice. FRP doors are also available in flush door (texture finish).

Core options: Ecolax core, Timber core (semi solid)

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6 Panel
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